Why Invest

Why Invest with Venture Real Estate Company?

Investing in Real Estate is a complex undertaking that requires discipline, experience, knowledge, skill, and the time necessary to devote to that pursuit. For those who do not have the time, the knowledge, and/or the desire to operate in this industry the only way to take advantage of everything that real estate can offer is to partner with those who do.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Our Standard: Be The BestOur resident satisfaction is #1 and our apartment communites are the best properties in the markets we serve.
  • Our Investment Strategy: Our investment strategy accomplishes the dual goals of capital preservation and capital growth through buying right, financing right, and managing right. Each investment goes through our 5 step investment strategy cycle that is proven to minimize risk and maximize ROI.
  • Our Investment Criteria: All of our projects have to meet our stringent investment criteria and pass our stress test. We are extremely selective. On average we evaluate 100 properties before we purchase one.
  • Our Focus: Owner - Manager: We manage assets from an owner's perspective rather than a management company's. Since we are owner's in each project we manage, our goal and motivation is to maximize the cash flow and the value of each property, not the cash flow and value of the management company.