Venture Property Management

Venture Property Management

Venture Property Management (VPM) is a subsidiary of Venture Real Estate Company that actively manages and provides infrastructure for the company’s real estate portfolio. VPM is a valuable part of the organization through which Venture Real Estate Co. controls every aspect of a property’s performance. Through VPM, Venture Real Estate Company handles operations ranging from day-to-day administrative duties, such as rent collection and property maintenance, to simultaneous large-scale construction/redevelopment project at different property locations.

“Making Luxury Affordable”, the Venture Property Management motto, encompasses the relationship between VPM and its Residents. The families and individuals that call one of the Venture Real Estate Company’s communities home have the opportunity to live in a comfortable, clean, and well cared for home. The Residents enjoy their living experience with the utmost confidence that the Venture Property Management Team is committed to serving their needs, while providing industry-leading customer service and class-leading amenities. When a member of the Team welcomes a resident to their new home for the first time, it is with genuine appreciation for their choice and their trust.

Venture Real Estate Company’s provision of an in-house management company gives its Investors/Members the advantage of a professional management organization that is not necessarily a profit driven entity. Unlike other management companies, VPM does not need to supplement its management fee with upcharges, additional hourly service rates, or any of the other mechanisms that are standard procedures in the property management industry. The need to generate profit is eliminated because VPM’s principals have equity interest in the properties themselves.

VPM’s sole purpose is to provide infrastructure, maximize ROI, control expenses, and increase the overall value of the real estate portfolio. Contrary to other management companies, VPM absorbs or defrays the cost of employing personnel, training and ongoing education, office supplies, general overhead, legal consultation, legal document preparation, litigation, industry association dues and events, tenant screening, advertising, marketing, website development, and other operating expenses.

Venture Property Management uses industry-leading property management software that allows the company to manage its assets with minimal staffing requirements, thereby reducing overhead and maximizing efficiency. Investors are provided secure login credentials that allow them to instantly access current information regarding a property’s performance. Robust reporting capacity gives every investor the ability to analyze every aspect of their portfolio whenever they choose. This level of transparency is a hallmark of the way Venture Real Estate Company and its subsidiaries operate.