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Executive Summary

Venture Real Estate Company is a real estate investment, management, and redevelopment firm, founded in March of 2013, and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since its inception, Venture Real Estate Company has conducted more than $23 million dollars in transactions and financed, purchased, and/or sold more than 900 residential units in the local market. 

Venture Real Estate Company acquires under-performing real estate assets that have the potential to produce substantial returns with the application of their proprietary value add and improvement techniques. In so doing, Venture provides its Investors with a reliable, passive income stream. Furthermore, Venture provides its members the opportunity to extract a significant amount of their invested capital via cash out refinancing. The increased value and equity in a property can be withdrawn and returned to the Investors with little impact on the continued cash flow. Depending on the project, the return of capital reduces or even eliminates the risk of loss of capital for the Investors. Capital extraction can also be achieved by the sale of the asset for a significant profit. In that circumstance, the investors capital and all debt obligations are paid first with the remaining profits being distributed by ownership percentages.

Venture Real Estate Company accomplishes these objectives by pairing industry leading expertise and execution guided by core values that demand integrity and excellence in every facet of its business. Venture offers the ability to identify, analyze, acquire, and optimize real estate assets that meet the stringent investment criteria necessary to achieve the company’s dual goals of Capital Preservation and Capital Growth. In this manner, Venture protects its Investors from fluctuating economic trends and volatile financial markets with assets that are highly resilient and consistent income-generators.